North London artist Ama Lou has revealed video to her debut single “TBC”. It’s a raw picture of young society which must to struggle with themselfs and with how the world is seeing them – and of course, with problems and advantages of youth.

18-years-old singer Ama Lou has said about her debut single: I write both from primary and observatory points of view. The verses portray a sense of group and togetherness, standing together and fighting against archaic societal rules opposed by modern feminism and the millennial generation. The pre chorus references the infamous last words “I can’t breath,” uttered by Eric Garner, the Staten Island, New Yorker choked to death by police in July 2014. The chorus, which is about the views of those trying to change their environments for the better in “Should it be I’ve lost my way,” is a kind of mockery of the media’s perpetuated projected propaganda that labels activism “crazy”; because they have lost their way and place in society, they need to make noise and be heard.

Now it’s the time to confront this words with the visuals.