darkDARK’s first single is a tune you must give a spin to. “Moments” contains a full range of emotions and musical shades.

Sensitive, mild, but powerful debut.

Two-piece band from Los Angeles/Austin was made of Genevieve Vincent and Chris James. They carve in sound like experienced artists and their first track called “Moments” is the best example of that. Light and bright when it should. Strong and powerful when we are close to the climax. And when we arrive there, it stays that way till the end.

Band comment this track: “We started Moments with vocal samples and a few words we kept repeating. We’re split between LA and Austin and we work in tandem when writing so we’ve found that imagining tracks as physical spaces or scenes keeps us on the same wavelength. For “Moments” that scene was ‘the space between’ – those little fleeting, unfixed points in time that you wish you could keep.”