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Lolahiko – The Year We Died but Stayed Alive EP

One of the L.A. darkest electropop duos, Lolahiko shared on November 11th their debut The Year We Died but Stayed Alive EP – overflowing with downtempo structures and powerful lyrics about dark side of existence.

Lolahiko is project of Lauren Marie and Ike Kawaguchi, two musicians met only year ago, but instantly clicked between them and they released first single “Funeral” in September 2016.

Slow, dark, shadowed, mysterious and climatic layers of beats, syths, drum machines, samples of nature and strings – these are key components to understand how Lolahiko’s music works on us.

In “Funeral” composition is blossoming, this is a full range of sound. “Filthy Soul” is more modest song, but with exploding beat and doubled Marie’s vocal tracks, so it’s very sensual, still powered by intense lyrical aura. In “Guts” we are hearing attempt to create a raw melody from dense beat and light drum’n’bass melodies, all in the company of meaningful “I hate your guts” line.

I feel that “Plastic” and “Murderer” are bit similar to each other – downtempo melody and more static, however still tense. Last track “Everleigh” has more EDM-sounding arrangement, but with delicate female voice sounds gently and easy-going. This one also has closing outro at the end.

The Earth is dark place for all of us. When we need sad, however meaningful and furious music, we can press “play” on new Lolahiko’s album.

Listen The Year We Died but Stayed Alive EP below or on SoundCloud and Spotify.

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