Mïrändä is debuting artists, who has revealed her first Empire EP. Four tracks which contain few nicely absorbed stylistics as mid-tempo electro, dreampop and singer-songwriting classy melodies.

Grimes mixed with Susanne Sundfør and a pinch of Bonzai.

Miranda Johnson is 21 years old born and raised in New York City musician, singer and producer. All songs are made by herself from beginning ’till the end. She’s got a classical music education, after highschool she went to Clive Davis Institute on NYU, but left off, because of too strong business-oriented classes. Since then she worked on her first EP, which sounds like combination of sparkling Grimes-like synthpop, UK-bass scene and dreampop all the way from up North.

What about each of Empire EP songs? Well…

Memoria / Melody and tempo of chorus was definitely Grimes music inspired. A little bit sweetness of Mïrändä’s vocal is also very relaxing and calming, however track isn’t that peaceful at all.

Cruel 2 B King / Atmosphere is going cray-zey. Deep electro is broken by sugary vocal lines, synths and well-balanced beat. Seriousness and harshness was softened by a girly grace.

THEM / A scandinavian way to produce a good electro pop. After a first few listenings I have in front of my eyes Susanne Sundfør catching up with Robyn in coffee house, and I was like “well, that really makes sense”. In  preparation is video to that track.

Empire / We have bit of rocky electro with tender pre-chorus and chorus here. Another example of well-produced track with a dose of nordic pop vibe. Title track closes Mïrändä’s debut EP and leaves us with an understanding that musician’s job was done well.

Listen below to a whole Empire EP and have an eye on that girl!