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MISSIO – Twisted

Missio is back with another “Twisted” tune. Listen to new song made by duo from Texas and released via Taste and Tone Records.

I’m a little twisted.

Missio is a project formed by Matthew Brue and David Butler some time ago. They have released two EPs and a couple of stand alone single. Now it’s time for something new.

Brue openly speaks up to about the truth behind the track:

The song is a precursor to the story of my life involving addiction to drugs and alcohol. ‘Twisted’ represents the personal realization that I view myself differently than the rest of the world views me. It describes the unintentional and intentional comments my family made growing up about the type of person they thought I should be. This ultimately leads to the pre-chorus where I confront these comments with the truth of my own reality. I’m uncontrollable, emotional, chaotically proportional, I’m visceral, reloadable, I’m crazy.

Though it is really tough and strong track, we can swing and sway a little to it, are we right?


Listen to “Twisted” below.

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