Nick Murphy (yes, f.k.a. Chet Faker, we all know that) after his scenic transformation shares two new tracks. After really deep “Fear Less” it’s time for double “Stop Me” single.

Australian singer, producer and (may be evil) mastermind releases pretty interesting two versions of tune called “Stop Me (Stop You)”. First lasts over 8 minutes and has two parts – one deep and as heavy as first song after change of moniker, second with some acoustic elements. Next “Stop Me” is available only on streamings yet, is 3:37 (so radio edit, anyone?) and more Moderat like electro with IDM taste.

“Stop Me (Stop You)” is co-produced by Darkside’s Dave Harrington. And now we know why it sounds so familiar. It’s also first single from his sophomore and forthcoming album.

Listen below versions below.

Also, listen to Nick Murphy’s interview on Tripje J, where he is talking out change of moniker and Chet Faker’s legacy.