British three-piece band Sälen has shared a visuals to fourth original track “Copper Kiss”. Full of snakes, animated animals and neon colors.

“Copper Kiss” is a track released on October 7th and has a sweet popy sound with a lot a synthesizer and mild percussion. Scenario of this video is simple: vocalist Ellie Kamio lies on the silk bedsheet with her pet snakes around while her band mates Paul Taylor Wade and Simon Milner are playing creepy video game.

Trio said about this clip.

We really wanted live animals in the video but we weren’t allowed because of costs. So after acting like toddlers and throwing our toys out the pram, we got bare snakes. They were pretty well behaved, except the black one which kept slithering off the bed when it thought no one was looking. A huge thank you to Can Evign and everyone else involved. Especially Trevor the snake handler.

Listen and watch “Copper Kiss” below.