Australian-American duo Vallis Alps is back after almost two years with new single. “Fading” is first track from upcoming 2017 self-released Fable EP.

Parissa Tosif and David Ansari gave us beautiful and fresh four tracks self-titled EP in January 2015. Then they have performed for a couple of months and disappeared from the music scene. It turns out that they was working on new material, which glimple they’re giving us now. “Fading” had a premier on Australian triple j and first spin took a place in Good Nights show.

Song has a strong ambient-synth vibe with shining and dreamy Tosif vocal. It has a more bright and happy arrangement than in previous music. And that was intended move.

The duo said during triple j’s radio premiere about the track: We wanted to make a song that was about pure joy; those moments where you feel exhilarated and ecstatic. Encapsulating that feeling ended up being harder than we thought, because as humans we are constantly bombarded with the realities of life around us. In the end, we realised that sometimes joy comes from trying to see things in a new way or from a different angle. We want ‘Fading’ to make people happy; to be an escape from the negativity that surrounds us and a reminder of the beauty that is always present – but sometimes hidden.

Listen track below. More details on Fable EP coming soon.