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Teenager with mesmerizing voice and head full of ideas speaks again / Yellow Days – Gap In The Clouds

Yellow Days has unveiled another extraordinary track. It’s his fifth song and “Gap In The Cloud” brings to us everything that’s best in blues-inspired singer-songwriter compositions.

17-year-old George Van Der Broek has a mesmerizing vocal, we knew that from a while ago, but the latest discovering is more terryfing – because of him, everyone might start to like soulful blues songs!

A powerful, soul voice and classic arrangement at the begging. Then twisted with a peaceful moments, where his vocal is transformed into The Wizard of Sound. Before the ending something happens; song breaks and from bluesy, through the drops of the rain like sounds, goes to the deep, trip hop beats. Last seconds are a real calm, or even silent, climax.

His full length album is just on the horizon. Harmless Melodies will be out on November 18th via Good Years.

What about “Gap In The Cloud”? Yellow Days states: Gap in the clouds is about being in a depressed state for so long where your sky is full of clouds but that special someone makes a gap in those clouds and they can light up your world again. That special somebody can make you feel things like love and beauty which you thought you’d never feel again and pull you out of that deep funk you were in. Someone beautiful came into my life and showed me how to love again and that’s what the tune is for me.

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