Having a voice not matching your appearance and age is a challenging thing. It’s also a blessing, when you are an artist, who wants to be recognizable. Listen to debut EP of Yellow Days, teenager with mighty vocal.

We wrote about Yellow Days’s “Gap In The Clouds” just week ago. Now we can listen to his debut Harmless Melodies EP.

Having wowed with “Your Hand Holding Mine” and ‘”Gap In The Clouds”, 17 year old newcomer Yellow Days (George van den Broek) today releases his debut EP Harmless Melodies via London based label Good Years (Mick Jenkins, Lil Silva). The EP features new tracks “People” and “A Little While”.

Yellow Days is 17-Year-Old George van den Broek from Haslemere. A bedroom producer and writer, Yellow Days is all about odd and confusing times, when you feel such strong emotions that don’t quite fall into the familiar ones like happiness or sadness but are more complicated and hard to understand.

Listen to Hermless Melodies EP on SoundCloud and Spotify.