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Leon Else – Dance

Singer-songwriter and dancer, Leon Else has showed his moves in newest video. Watch “Dance” and swing to the music.

Maybe his everyday look is a little sleek, trim and also cheesy, but wow – Leon Else can get his hands dirty. This Englishman has a really big voice and someone who has found perfect music stylistic for him.

Soulful voice and classic arranged tracks with addition of contemporary sound. In his first track “Black Car”, he presented bluesy and rocky side with really steamy atmosphere. Now, in “Dance” we can enjoy a mix of funk, disco and deep guitar music. Video to this song is simple, we even call it modest, but due to used colors and space arrangement it fits very well as whole thing.


Else says about “Dance”: The song is about dancing as a way to make depression go away. It is about how music can be like medicine and finding ways to get through life by yourself. For me, that’s moving and being physical.

Leon Else’s full-length debut has been scheduled for release next year on What Are We Doing/Interscope Records.

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