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LKA – Underwater / Love discovered in deep, dark water

Finnish electro pop songstress LKA returns with third song “Underwater”. Track about strong affections, commitment & love and hidden treasures in big, wet reservoirs.

Scandinavian artists have a tendency to cold, dark water, I think. First Aurora was created a few deepwater-insired songs, now LKA, one of Finland’s most promising pop singers, declares her affection to this natural powers and beyond.

Laura Kaarina Autio (looks like LKA are initials, smart move, another editor’s scandinavian refference – LKA’s moniker resembles me of MØ, real name Karen Marie Ørsted) is born and raised in Tokyo, living in Finland singer, songwriter and producer that working at most of the time with another singer, and friend, Hannah. Two of artists are also duo called Sky & Fey and maybe are laboring on another project these days. Who knows?

I like this type of music. Glamorous, well-produced, sounding fresh and light, but with some meaning. What LKA says about “Underwater”?

It’s a song about love and commitment. I’ve always been a bit of an ‘odd’ one, as I’m a major introvert, so I never thought that I’d meet someone who gets me the way that my husband gets me! So this is dedicated to him!

Listen to “Underwater” below and check out LKA’s previous tracks on SoundCloud.

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