TĀLĀ has unveiled her brand new track “Talk 2 Me” – lead single taken from her forthcoming Zāl EP, set to be released on December 9th via Columbia Records.

TĀLĀ is finally back!

Since her last EP, singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist TĀLĀ has re-examined her goals. What sort of artist does she want to be and what sort of music does she want to make? Solution was simple: going back to basics, breaking some rules and having fun again. Made in her own studio in the early hours of the morning, there is definitely a night-time feel. “Talk 2 Me” was recorded while staying alone at a cabin in the woods and the sense of isolation within the track is palpable.

TĀLĀ said: The Zāl EP came from a place of frustration with myself and situations around me. The only motivation was the music. I wanted to push myself and make something I feel proud of.

Zāl is a focused, personal and brave body of work. This new EP follows the Malika project, an eclectic mix of tracks helmed by TĀLĀ as a producer and vocalist. Working with a variety of collaborators from across the world, Malika crossed geographical and musical boundaries.